My Mere Musings

As cliche as it sounds, the name of the my blog site and my first post are the same. Why is that? It’s because this will be the theme of my blog. I’ll sharing my mere musings, my thoughts and views about anything and everything that I come across everyday.

My name is Vidhya but I prefer you call me Vivi. It makes me feel more close to you. I have very little experience with socializing. I have always been an introvert. Okay, maybe not always. And I will lying if I said that I don’t have any experience with socializing. I used to be a social butterfly. But on some level I have been a very quiet person. I have become more closed up in the recent past.

Now one may wonder how a social butterfly becomes an introvert. Well, I have plenty of reasons for this. But we’ll get to that later. Today I want to talk about something else. Why did I decide to start a blog? That’s an interesting question. The simplest answer could be, because I love writing. I have always wanted to write and share my thoughts about topics that I cannot discuss with my fellow peers (they might find it boring. I don’t know. I never discussed it with anyone so I can’t say anything about that). The advantage of this is that I can do it anonymously and I don’t have force my thoughts on anyone. Anyone can read it or not read it. It’s their choice. I might not be able to write about fascinating topics all the time. Some might be more interesting and informative than others.

You might be wondering what topics I’ll be writing about. Well, it could cover a wide range of topics. Things that come to mind, things that I wonder about, things that I want to explore. Or maybe topics that you want me to write about. I’ll make one thing clear though. My writings won’t be complex. They’ll be easy to read and understand. I might write about complex topics but not for a while.

I won’t be wasting a lot time and jump straight to the conclusion. I don’t want to bore you on my first blog. I want to write about all sorts of things. I can be food, travel, astronomy, love, nature, Science, games, anything and everything. But I’ll choose a topic for my next one or if you have any suggestions, let me know. I hope this will be an interesting journey!

11 thoughts on “My Mere Musings

  1. Thank you very much! Happy to hear that you loved themπŸ˜€ social butterfly to an introvert – I’d say life is a roller coaster πŸ˜… but I like this side better.


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