Ela’s Story

Ela has always been a shy girl. She was not one to talk a lot and kept to herself most of the time. Although, she did talk to herself a lot. Whatever thoughts she had, she would ponder over it again and again until she gets to a denouement. People find her weird but she doesn’t care what others think about her. All she wants is to be able to go about peacefully. But this is not an easy task.

One day when she woke up, she found something strange about herself. It was bizarre but she couldn’t understand what it was. Then she went to the mirror and looked at herself. But there was no one in the mirror! Is this magic? But she doesn’t believe in such things. Did she cross into another dimension? What is happening?! She was panicking and she didn’t know what to do. So she did what she always did. Breathing and thinking with a calm mind.

She decided to go out and check whether others can see her. She changed her clothes and went out.

Whenever she went out she always kept her head down so that no one approached her and starts to small talk. But this time she kept her head high and looked around to see if someone is looking at her. But there weren’t a lot of people. So she went to the grocery store. And here too she always avoided small talk with anyone. But this time she wanted someone to talk to her.

When she went to the counter, the person just looked right through her. She tried to talk but no sound came out of her mouth. Now she realised what she is experiencing is real. She doesn’t like it this way. She wants someone to see her talk to her. She went frantically around the grocery store waving her hands in front of anyone and everyone. But they all looked right past her.

Ela got out and ran to the only person she ever talked to. Her neighbour was like a grandma to her. She liked to spend her free time with Margie. She told Ela things about life and made her delicious food. The reason she loved Margie so much was because she never expected anything in return. She always cared about Ela and was concerned about the way she lived; all closed up.

Whenever Margie had visitors she would ask Ela to come and join but Ela always evaded. Margie was aware of Ela’s shyness but she tried to somehow open her up to the outside world. She wanted her to mingle with others and make at least a few friends. But Ela was not ready and it seemed she would never be.

Presently, Ela wants others to see her and talk to her. She doesn’t want to be closed up anymore but it could be too late. No, not until she meets Margie. Margie will help her when she realises Ela is nowhere to be seen.

She runs up the stairs and knocks harshly on the door. Margie opens the door and sees Ela in a disturbed state. She asks her what the matter is but Ela doesn’t respond. She asks Margie whether she can see and hear her. Margie tells her that she is looking right at her and responding to her. Ela takes a breath of relief and hugs Margie. She tells her what had happened and how panicked she was. But Margie only smiles and tells her if she doesn’t change her ways this could all become true.

Wait, what? Isn’t this all real then? Ela was even more confused now. But Margie continued to smile and Ela kept asking her.

Suddenly, Ela jolts awake on her bed. She is breathing hard and looks around her. Was this all a dream? She runs to the mirror and instantly feels a sense of deja vu. She stops herself and gathers enough courage to look in the mirror. She lets out the air she was holding in when she sees herself in the mirror.

Was it all a dream? But it all seemed so real. She looks down at herself and sees that she is wearing the clothes she had changed into to go to the grocery store.

6 thoughts on “Ela’s Story

  1. Yes, as an introvert like myself, it is hard to raise one’s voice, especially when feeling other people judging one negatively, and feeling one’s words powerless and inconsequential.

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