How Wonderful

How wonderful would it be
To feel the air and the glee
When you fly high in the sky
Nothing to worry nothing to cry

How beautiful would it be
To see the stars and the sea
Floating on a cloud
Far away from the crowd

How fascinating would it feel
To see the green and hear the squeal
Of the delightful children
In the midst of a run

How unbelievable is the sense
Of hope so immense
Even if it’s dark
Even the contrast is stark

How exciting it is to think
To see it all change in a blink
To make it seem nothing transpired
Memories that will never be admired

How sanguine it appears
Too see as it perseveres
All the life’s struggles
And finally hear the soft chuckles

How beautiful would it be
To have one more day to see
A Life so vibrant and alive
That was lived to merely survive

How wonderful can be the life
If it were lived without the strife
Enjoying it vivaciously
And going happy and graciously.


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